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Velocette Venom (500) with Aluminium Velocity Stack- VM32 Mikuni Carb Conversion

Fitting a Mikuni VM30 and VM32 carburettor to the Velocette Venom has been a popular conversion over the years. This particular carburettor kit is supplied after maching by our technicians with a special Allens billet velocity stack to provide better flow and very pleasing aesthetics.

The Mikuni Carb will make cold or hot starting easier and allow a constant tickover. The smooth, even delivery of power will be very pleasing. After all, such a bike should be a pleasure to own!

Velocette Venom 500 Mikuni VM32 Carburettor kit with billet aluminium velocity stack


Velocette Venom 500 VM32 with Velocity Stack

Supplied with:
Rubber Flange Adaptor

Please ask if you require optional cable choke fittings

Also, you may require parts to adapt your throttle cable. We can provide spares of this nature as necessary.

Please ask us for details and pricing or phone 01949 836733.

A testimonial from one of our customers:

Just a quick update on the VM32, manifold and alloy trumpet you supplied for my Velocette. I was concerned by online comments relating to clearance issues when fitting a Mikuni to a velo, but it went on easily without problems. I would recommend the cable choke adaptor, though, as reaching the knob requires a very long finger if you have the Thruxton tank!
Velocettes have a reputation for being difficult starters, not any more. It starts first kick virtually every time and has a rock steady idle. Performance is sparkling, I’m very pleased. The other British bikes in the shed are looking worried now, that’s this and the Gold Star you’ve sorted out!
Thanks again for all your help.