Allens Performance Ltd.

Keihin Jet Identification Chart

Keihin Jets are sized in steps of 2 and 3.
Eg: 100,102,105,108,110.
This is probably to avoid engraving “.5” on the jets

99-101-357-SIZE Shopping basket 99-101-357 6mm Hex head
M5x0.8 Thread
16.5mm Length
80-190 (Δ 2/3)
195-220 (Δ 5)
220-230 (Δ 10)
99-101-393-SIZE Shopping basket 99-101-393 6mm Slot Head
M5x0.8 Thread
8mm Length
60-200 (Δ 2/3)
1001-806-SIZE Shopping basket 1001-806 8mm Slot head
9mm Length
M10x1.0 Thread
90-182 (Δ 2/3)
185-200 (Δ 5)
210-250 (Δ 10)
N424-27-SIZE Shopping basket n424-27 7mm Slot head
8mm Length
M6x1.0 Thread
150-250 (Δ 10)
99-101-116-SIZE Shopping basket 99-101-116 5mm Slot head
7mm Length
50-100 (Δ 2/3)
105-120 (Δ 5)
N424-24-SIZE Shopping basket n424-24 5.5mm Slot head
32mm Length
M3.5×0.6 Thread
35-82 (Δ 2/3)
N424-26-SIZE Shopping basket n424-26 5.0mm Slot head
23.5mm Length
35-80 (Δ 2/3)
N424-22-SIZE Shopping basket n424-22 5.5mm Slot head
28mm Length
M4.5×0.75 Thread
35-80 (Δ 2/3)
N424-25B-SIZE Shopping basket n424-25b 5.5mm Slot head
15mm Length
M4.5×0.75 Thread
35-100 (Δ 2/3)
N424-21-SIZE Shopping basket n424-21 5.0mm Slot head
28mm Length
M6x0.75 Thread
35-80 (Δ 2/3)
N424-32-SIZE Shopping basket n424-32 5mm Slot head
28mm Length
35-70 (Δ 2/3)
N424-330-SIZE Shopping basket n424-330 Ø4.5mm Slot Head
Ø3.5mm Nose
M4.5×0.75 Thread
13mm Length
 80-115 (Δ 5)
N424-74C-SIZE Shopping basket n424-74c 5mm Slot head
28mm Length
M5x0.8 Thread
35-70 (Δ 2/3)
N424-52-SIZE Shopping basket n424-52 M4x0.7
8mm Length
35-140 (Δ 2/3)
N424-35-SIZE Shopping basket n424-35 M4x0.7 Thread
7mm LengthØ5mm Slot HeadM4x0.75
Nickel plated
50-120 (Δ 2/3)
N424-36-SIZE Shopping basket n424-36 M5x0.8 ThreadØ6mm Slot head
8mm Length
Nickel Plated
90-175 (Δ 2/3)
175-200 (Δ 5)
AKA 99-101-ZF5
Shopping basket 99-101-zf5 8.5mm Length
M7.00×0.75 Thread
48-150 (Δ 2/3)
N424-14-SIZE Shopping basket n424-14 5.5mm Hex
22mm Length
M5x0.8 Thread
40-260 (Δ 10)
1001-108-SIZE Shopping basket 1001-108 4.2mm SlotHead
6.5mm Length
35-70 (Δ 5)