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Allens Performance: Delivering Carburation Innovation Since 1983

October 9th, 2015

You will find most knowledgeable, long standing people in the motorcycle industry will already know about Allens Performance and its reputation.
Anyone who has looked for long at a carburettor has probably marvelled at the complex appearance of these precision instruments intended to give you the perfect mixture of well atomised fuel in air despite the demands of varied load and speed conditions.

Making all this happen is not a black art as some would have you believe. In essence, a carburettor is a simple collection of pipes, metering holes, fed by a pressure difference and a pool of fuel. However because there are so many unknown quantities involved it does require plenty understanding, logic, experimentation and experience to get things right. Allens Performance will help you achieve the perfect burn!

Allens Performance can help with mail order. Genuine parts for Mikuni and Keihin (aftermarket) carburettors, and can now also offer a limited range of parts for Mikuni OEM carbs. Additional parts Tomaselli, Domino and Leonelli controls, custom made throttle cables, Aktive reeds (for road race and MX, etc) Other services Allens Performance can provide:

  • Carburettor servicing, reconditioning and restoration
  • Ultrasonic cleaning and media blasting
  • Engineering solutions to repair and rescue difficult to obtain carburettors and parts
  • Consultation and setup service on location available