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Throttle Cables

Part #PictureDescriptionFeatures
MP01-0612PictureThrottle cable set: Ducati 750/900SS '91-'99 twin single FCR carbs, MP01-0073 ThrottleTwo splitter boxes
MP01-0425PictureThrottle cable set: Ducati 750/900SS '91-'99 dual FCR carbs and MP01-0073 throttle---
MP01-0610PictureThrottle cable set: Ducati M900 '94-'99 dual FCR carbs and MP01-0073 throttle---
MP05-0096PictureThrottle cable set: Yamaha XS650VM30/VM32/VM34
44" outer
MP05-0097PictureThrottle cable set: Yamaha XS650VM30/VM32/VM34
42" outer
MP01-0402PictureThrottle cable set: FZR replica trottle to FCR carbs925mm outer
MP01-0233PictureThrottle cable (push) for RS carbs, MP01-0058 throttleCan be used as push or pull on KRS001 Aktive throttle for FCR's
MP01-0234PictureThrottle cable (Pull) for RS carbs, MP01-0058 throttle---
MP01-0402PictureThrottle cable set for RS carbs, MP01-0073 throttle---
PA1-4-100APictureThrottle cable: Norton Commando throttleVM34
3 15/16" free play
PA1-4-100BPictureThrottle cable: Norton Commando throttleVM36/VM38
4 1/8" free play
PA1-4-101PictureThrottle cable---
PA1-4-102PictureThrottle cable: 1335 throttleVM30/VM32/VM34
750mm outer
K4's, T20's, Etc
PA1-4-103PictureThrottle cable: 1335 throttleVM30/VM32/VM34
1000mm outer
PA1-4-104PictureThrottle cable---
PA1-4-105PictureThrottle cable: T140 (carb to splitter)VM30/VM32/VM34
360mm outer
Angled ends
PA1-4-106PictureThrottle cable: T120 (carb to splitter)VM30/VM32/VM34
416mm outer
Straight ends
PA1-4-107PictureThrottle cable: Triumph/BSA tripleVM26
330mm outer
PA1-4-108PictureThrottle cable---
PA1-4-109PictureThrottle cableFeatures
PA1-4-110PictureThrottle cable: Fits 1640.03, 1600.03 throttles---
PA1-4-200PictureThrottle cable: Universal (Long)8' outer
Ideal for BEC's
PA1-4-201PictureThrottle cable: Universal (Long)---
PA1-4-202PictureThrottle cable: Universal (Extra long)---
PA1-4-203PictureThrottle cable: UniversalLong carb nipple attached
PA1-4-204PictureThrottle cable: Universal (Extra long)Long carb nipple attached
PA1-4-205PictureThrottle cable: Universal (Mikuni carb)1350mm outer
PA1-3-100PictureClutch cableIdeal for Bike Engined Cars
U01-4-100PictureThrottle cable: UniversalAdjuster, nipples, ferrules included
4 1/2'
3100.96PictureThrottle Cable
Fits 2790.03 Throttle
Fits Honda CRF250/450R
3102.96PictureThrottle Cable
Fits 2790.03 Throttle
Fits KTM 4 stroke MX/Enduros
3103.96PictureThrottle Cable
Fits 2790.03 Throttle
Fits Suzuki RMZ250/450
3101.96PictureThrottle Cable
Fits 2790.03 Throttle
Fits Yamaha YZ250/450F
182.86PictureJunction/splitter box6.25mm dia, 36mm stroke
1068.86PictureJunction/splitter box6.8mm dia, 36mm stroke
1628.86PictureJunction/splitter box41mm stroke
443.02.113AdjusterM7 Thread
8mm Outer
992.02.910Adjuster for ----M6 Thread
7mm Outer
110.02.073PictureAdjusterM5 thread
511.02.590PictureAdjusterM5 thread (Fits decompressor lever)
510.02.640AdjusterM6 thread
7mm Outer
270.02.258PictureAdjusterM6 thread
163.02.997PictureAdjusterM8 thread
2379.02.3356AdjusterM8 thread
8mm Outer
Spring locking type
670.02.842AdjusterM6 thread
7mm Outer
1707.02.2151AdjusterM8 thread
8mm Outer
616.02.214PictureAdjusterM8 x 1.25 thread
152.02.028AdjusterM8 x 1.0 thread
8mm Outer
270.02.258AjusterM6 thread
8.5mm Outer
2649.02.3722AjusterM8 thread
8mm Outer
469.02.551AjusterM7 thread
8.5mm Outer
2122.02.3025AdjusterM10 thread
6mm Outer
443.02.120PictureDust coverFeatures
101.02.199Trap nippleØ 5.5mm
6mm A/F Hex Screw
12mm Length Including Screw
101.02.002Nipple Adaptor~Ø 8mm
Ø 6mm Nipple Fitting
Ø 10mm Flange
16mm Length
618.02.725PictureNipple AdaptorØ 9mm
Ø 6mm Nipple Fitting
13mm Length
117.02.109PictureNipple AdaptorØ 8mm
Ø 6mm Nipple Fitting
Ø 10mm
14.5mm Length
110.02.073Cable AdjusterM5x0.8 Thread
Ø 6.5mm ID for Ferrule
27mm long
129.02.143PictureTrap NippleFeatures
291.02.363PictureNippleØ 9.5mm
Ø 7mm Nipple fitting
9mm Height
101.02.031Trap nippleØ 5.5mm
7.3mm length
Grub screw type
2843.07PictureChoke lever assy7/8" bar mounting
1015.86PictureChoke lever assyTypical Guzzi/Benelli/Ducati
2791.02.4349AdjusterM8 Thread
6mm Outer
Part #PictureDescriptionFeatures

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