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Exploded Mikuni TM (4 Stroke) Diagrams

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TM28-1 AND TM33-12

TM28-1 / TM33-12          
Position Part Number Description      
1 CW2=0410 Screw: Carb Top 37 TM29/14 Seal: Pump Nozzle
2 TM29/16 Carburettor Top 38 N138192 Pilot Mixture Screw
3 TM29/17 Gasket: Carb Top 39 N138187 Spring: Pilot Mixture Screw
4 739-13001 Screw: Jet Needle Retainer 40 VM12/33 Washer: Pilot Mixture Screw
5 TM29/71 Retainer: Jet Needle 41 N1333037 O-ring: Pilot Mixture Screw
6 VM18/341 E-clip: Jet Needle 42 888-25029-1E Hose: Vent
7 VM26/315 Washer: Jet Needle 43 730-04003a Spring: Pump Piston
8 J8-##### Jet Needle 44 TM29/18 Piston: Pump
9 832-38007-size Throttle Valve 45 N150048 Dust Cover: Pump Rod
10 TM29/62 Gasket: Carb Body 46 TM33/46 Pump Rod (TM33-12)
11 VM34/195 Hose: Vent 46a VM38/210 Pump Rod (TM28-1)
12 TM33/32a Carburettor Body: Rear 47 B30/397 Screw: Pump Rocker
13 VM38/133 Screw: Carb Body 48 VM38/212 Pump Rocker
14 BS30/97-size Pilot Air Jet 49 TM33/47 Spring: Pump Rocker (TM33-12)
15 BS30/97-size Main Air Jet 49a TM29/22 Spring: Pump Rocker (TM28-1)
16 730-07008 Spring: Tickover Screw (TM33-12) 50 N/A Carburettor Body: Front
16a N110209 Spring: Tickover Screw (TM28-1) 51 C5=0510 Screw: Throttle Cable Bracket
17 TM33/38a Tickover Screw (TM33-12) 52 TM33/33 Bracket: Throttle Cable (TM33-12)
17aa N136038 Tickover Screw (TM28-1) 52a VM38/197 Bracket: Throttle Cable (TM28-1)
18 N189169 Holder: Tickover Screw 53 TM33/37 Bellcrank/Rollpin/Throttle Shaft Assy (TM33-12)
19 VM30/160 Pivot: Floats 53a TM29/34 Bellcrank/Rollpin/Throttle Shaft Assy (TM28-1)
20 859-34003 Floats 54 TM24/21 Spring: Throttle Valve Return (TM33-12)
21 N133200-size Float Valve Assy 54a TM29/21 Spring: Throttle Valve Return (TM28-1)
22 VM13/216 Screw: Retains Float Valve Assy 55 B36/95 Thrust Washer: Lifting Arm
23 KV/10 O-ring: Float Valve Assy 56 VM38/186 Lifting Arm
24 VM18/233 Filter: Float Valve Assy 57 W4=05 Washer
25 TM33/35 Baffle: Main Jet 58 VM28/230 Screw: Lifting Arm
26 VM38/106 Spacer: Main Jet 59 VM33/49c Spring Clip: Throttle Valve Link
27 N100604-size Main Jet 60 VM33/45 Throttle Valve Link
28 VM28/486-size Pilot Jet 61 M10/56 Washer: Throttle Valve Link
29 616-94012 Seal: Float Bowl 62 BSW28/70 E-clip: Throttle Valve Link
30 N133363 Drain Screw 63 B40I/10 Washer: Throttle Valve Link
31 TM29/12d Float Bowl 64 TM33/49 Cold Start Assy (TM33-12)
32 888-23043-1F Hose: Overflow 64a TM29/31 Cold Start Assy (TM28-1)
33 C2=0416 Screw: Float Bowl 65 N138198 O-ring: Cold Start Assy
34 C2=0414 Screw: Float Bowl 66 784-24111-size Needle Jet (TM33-12)
35 N124063 O-ring: Pump Nozzle 66a 784-24008-size Needle Jet (TM28-1)
36 TM29/24-size Pump Nozzle      

TM36-31 AND TM40-6

TM36-31 / TM40-6          
Position Part Number Description      
1 N/A Carburettor Body: Front 42 E100030 Washer: Thrust Washer for Lifting Arm
2 VM18/341 E-clip: Jet Needle( TM36-31) 43 BS30/97-size Air Jet: Slow
2a TM32/90 E-Clip: Jet Needle (TM40-6) 44 N2=03-B Lock Nut: Lifting Arm
3 VM26/315 Washer: Jet Needle( TM36-31) 45 TM36/48 Screw: Adjusting
3a 826-03002 Washer: Jet Needle (TM40-6) 46 TM40/14 Throttle Cable Bracket
4 739-13001 Screw 47 N138019 Roll Pin: Throttle Bellcrank
5 C5=0514 Screw: Throttle Valve Lifting Arm 48 TM40/23 Bell Crank: Throttle Cables
6 TM36/39 Gasket: Carb Top 49 B40I/61 Spring: Tickover Screw
7 TM36/59 Carburettor Top 50 TM40/91 Tickover Screw
8 TM36/57 Lifting Arm: Throttle Valve 51 TM36/46 Spring: Throttle Return (TM36-31)
9 N/A Gasket: Carb Body 51a TM40/25 Spring: Throttle Return (TM40-6)
10 N/A Carburettor Body: Rear 52 CW2=0408 Screw: Carb Top
11 C2=0310 Screw: Jet needle Retainer 54 VM38/133 Screw: Carb Body
12 TM36/12 Retainer: Jet Needle 55 BN38/43 Roll Pin: Pump Rod Cam
13 N124063 O-Ring: Pump Nozzle 56 TM36/18 Cam: Pump Rod
14 TM36/43-size Pump Nozzle 57 B30/205 O-Ring
15 TM29/14 Seal: Pump Nozzle 58 TM40/33 Spring: Pump
16 M10/56 Washer: Throttle Valve Pivot 59 TM36/17 Pump Rocker
17 BSW28/70 E-clip: Throttle Valve Pivot 60 M12F/46a Spring: Pump Rocker Stop
18 B40I/10 Washers: Throttle Valve Pivot 61 MC-0316 Pump Rocker Stop
19 TM27/07A Wire Clip: Throttle Valve Lifting Link 62 N3=03-B Nut: Pump Rocker Stop
20 TM29/65 Bush: Throttle Valve Lifting Link 63 N148013 Cap: Vacuum Fitting
21 TM27/04 Throttle Valve Lifting Link 64 BVK28/128 Clip: Vacuum Fitting Cap
22 TM36/54 (N/A) Lifting Plate: Throttle (Used on Plastic Slides) 65 TM36/64 Dust Cover: Pump Rod
23 J8-##### Jet Needle 66 TM36/44 Pump Rod
24 TM36/137 Throttle Valve (TM36-31) 67 TM36/60 Piston: Pump
24a TM40/80 Throttle Valve (TM40-6) 68 VM14SC13/89 Spring: Pump Piston
25 N133037 O-Ring: Pilot Mixture Screw 69 VM38/148 Plunger: Cold Start
26 VM12/33 Washer: Pilot Mixture Screw 70 888-23026 Hose: Overflow
27 N133206 Spring: Pilot Mixture Screw 71 VM13/216 Screw: Retaining Float Vavle Seat
28 616-94021 Seal: Float Bowl) 72 C2=0412-B Screw: Float Bowl
29 604-26003 Pilot Mixture Screw 73 VM17/1002-size Starter Jet
30 TM40/12 Float Bowl 74 VM28/174 Shim: Shaft
31 VM28/486-size Pilot Jet 75 E204040 Washer: Pump Rocker
32 784-13002-size Needle Jet 76 VM12/43 Dust Cover: Cold Start
33 VM28/254 O-ring: Drain Screw 81 N138198 O-ring: Cold Start Spring Retainer
34 N100604-size Main Jet 82 VM16/42 Spring: Cold Start Plunger
35 TM32/41 Drain Screw (Float Bowl) 83 640-12001 Retainer: Cold Start
36 859-32011 Float Assy 84 TM40/26 Bracket: Fuel Feed Pipe
37 VM30/160 Pivot: Float Arm 85 TM40/27 Fuel Feed Pipe
38 786-36011-size Float Vavle Assy 92 KV/10 O-ring: Float Valve Assy
39 BS30/97-0.0 Air Jet: Main 94 990-662-001 Cold Start Cable & Knob Assy
40 C5=0512-B Screw: Throttle Cable Bracket 95 TM40/07 Cold Start Assy (Knob Type)
41 700-15004 Throttle Shaft      

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